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Prospect Equities® prides itself on training new agents in the real estate business.  We are the premier national real estate brokerage that focuses much of our attention to people starting and growing their careers in real estate.

One of the reasons we are an INC 500 company is that we devote ourselves to finding raw talent in people and developing them to their peak potential, provided they have the correct work ethic.

Our agents maintain a high success rate by building healthy and well grounded careers early in the business through the resources, tools, inventory, and training that PE offers.

What makes us different?

We offer a 4-step training program that will guarantee success as long as you follow the system.  Real estate is not a "get rich quick" business.  It is a long-term career.  But in order to have a successful long-term career, you need to be taught the proper steps and facets of the business from day one.

You will start to see massive gains in your business by your second year and beyond, but only if you have the correct first year.  That is the key.  We have hired many agents from nearly every company you can imagine who have had years in the business and have not seen the success they wanted.  The reason is simple; they never had the correct year-one.

Step 1. Leasing: Prospect Equities® starts its new agents by learning how to successfully assist renters.  Many brokerages across the Country frown on this side of the business.  The reasons we hear are "too much time spent for too little money".  Bad answer!  We welcome this side of the business which gives us an advantage over most brokerages under this capacity.

PE has hundreds of contracts with high-end luxury apartment buildings in the markets we service which allow us direct advertising capability and direct payment.  We teach our agents how to properly use our proprietary software and technology to generate business quickly and effectively so that they can build business efficiently and exponentially.

Our 12-day Lead Earner™ Program allows our agents to be active within 2 weeks time. Many agents will close transactions within weeks out of training, provided they follow our system.  Our focused territory approach helps agents identify clients more strategically and precisely.  Our approach gives clients a better experience through the rental process because they are dealing with an agent that is an expert in their territory and can see properties of interest with ease and efficiency.

Step 2. Building a Buyer Vertical: Prospect Equities® will concurrently train its new brokers and salespeople how to define a niche in the business.  We train our agents to be unique in their sphere, how to continuously build their network, and create a buyer vertical that will consistently bring business.

Part one of our Market Producer™ Program focuses agents on the fundamentals of building a strong network and increasing that network's reach, daily.  Too many agents get into the business relying on family and friends and their referrals.  This is not enough to sustain longevity in the business.  Unfortunately, too many other brokerages focus on this sole sphere of influence and new agents find themselves running out of referral business fast while their brokerage enjoyed their early transactions freely brought to them.

PE helps its new agents continuously increase their network and build their sphere of influence on a daily basis with the help of our unique and well established Neighborhood Program™.  Our agents can build a buyer vertical in their community which offers credits to community service members and forms solid and ongoing relationships with our agents and their community.

Step 3. Building a Marketing Territory: Prospect Equities® will concurrently train its new brokers and salespeople how to define a strategic marketing territory.  We train our agents to be unique in their community, and accurately market themselves to homeowners effectively and intelligently.

Part two of our Market Producer™ Program focuses agents on the fundamentals of building a strong presence in their respective territory that brands the agent quickly and very cost effectively.  A wise-old saying in the industry, Listers are Leaders, means that to really capitalize on your career, you must build and maintain a steady business of marketable inventory.

PE helps its agents expand on their now-developed base of tenants and buyers by adding seller inventory to our agent's business model.  To develop strong branding, which leads to name-recognition in your market, takes a healthy budget, persistence, and consistency.  By applying the strategies learned from PE, our agents can focus their marketing campaigns through strategic alliances funneled from your network designed to maximize brand awareness at little cost to the agents.  How this is accomplished is by one of the many trade secrets taught to a PE agent.

Step 4. Building a Team: Prospect Equities® believes in developing leaders, not followers.  You must of course be a competent protege of our systems to lead a team in the same systems.  Residual income is a must in the longevity of a real estate career and we teach our agents correct business planning and how to build a successful team of agents working with you.

Our entreAgent™ Program is designed to help agents effectively "run their own business" while creating a legacy, value in their brand, and override income that can carry them through retirement.

In order to be an effective leader, you must be competent in the steps taught to you by us and develop a consistent pattern of repeat business, referral business, and new business to sustain a team.  Too many agents are promised instant gratification at many brokerages.  There are no shortcuts to success! Follow our proven systems and develop a prosperous and long-term career in real estate.

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