The Premium List®

Prospect Equities® can guarantee you a spot on our exclusive list of Sellers with The Premium List.

It's simple: If your Listing doesn't sell for the Price You Decide, We Sell it for Free!  Contact us for more information as certain details and restrictions may apply.

FSBO partnership®

Prospect Equities® offers an exclusive For Sale By Owner Partnership Program. 

If you think you have what it takes to sell your own home and don't want to pay a licensed agent, no problem! We will help you sell your home for you and not charge a commission for our services.  Contact us today for more details! 


Prospect Equities® favorite Seller incentive!

When you sell your current property and buy your next property with us, you'll receive a 1% rebate on the purchase price of the property you buy.  Contact us for details and disclosures.

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