Prospect Equities® is proud to help our prospective tenants.

Our Rent Freebie Program is simple.  If you are a repeat client of our rental services, or have been referred to us from a past client,  you will automatically receive "free rent" from us.  We will credit $150 to $500 towards your first month's rent for using our locator services.  Contact us for terms and conditions of this one of a kind offer. Click here for more details


One of Prospect Equities® most popular programs and the only one of it's kind. 

We have formulated a unique rebate system which coincides with your job type.  View details on our program here and find out how much of a rebate you qualify for when you rent your home or apartment through us.

The Premier List®

Attention Landlords!! Prospect Equities® can guarantee you a spot on our exclusive list of Rentals with The Premier List.  We have thousands of renters view our site every month. 

It's simple: If your Listing doesn't rent for the Price You Decide, We Rent it for Free!  Contact us for more information as certain details and restrictions may apply.
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