Prospect Equities® Private Inventory of Property for Sale & Rent

Prospect Equities® has spent nearly two decades developing a private inventory of property with owners who sometimes don't want the mainstream exposure.  Every property owner is unique and some prefer to deal directly with exclusive buyers, investors, and even leasehold positions without others knowing their business, both good or bad.

Think about it... If a homeowner is in financial or familial despair, they may not want everyone to know their situation if made public knowledge on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or public web portals.  They may choose a brokerage such as ours to privately market their property.  Conversely, if an owner has a large accumulation of real estate holdings, they may not want their competitors, or otherwise, to know they are divesting part of their portfolio.

Most Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Broker sites and generic MLS-based websites only allow consumers to see what is publicly listed for sale.

Most "great deals" never make it to the MLS, or are withheld at the owner's request.

If you're really looking for something of unique value and opportunity, check out what we may have available to fit your needs.

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