Our Unique & Exclusive Buyer Representation Programs:


Prospect Equities® is proud to stand behind what we sell.

Our Buy and Like Program is simple.  If you buy a home through us and don't like it up to 2 years after your purchase, we will sell it for free.   Click here for more details!


One of Prospect Equities® most popular programs and the only one of it's kind. 

We have formulated a unique rebate system which coincides with your job tenure.  View details on our program and find out how much of a rebate you qualify for at closing when you purchase your home through us.  Click here for more details!


Prospect Equities® is proud to negotiate your ideal price on your new home purchase.

We train our agents to be the toughest negotiators in the business and we guarantee you will save a minimum of $10,000 on your purchase or we pay you. Click here for more details!

Rebate Programs For Particular Buyers:
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Police Officer Rebate for Home Buyers

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