Prospect Equities® Mergers aka

Brokerage BuyerProspect Equities® is always seeking brokerages interested in divesting their company holdings.

You've worked hard building your company and now might just be the time to sell before we experience another bear market. Cash-in on your hard work!  

If you have an active real estate brokerage and are looking to sell, we might be of interest in merging your assets, relationships, and contracts. 

Factors we consider for Horizontal and Market Extension Mergers:

- brokerages from 20 to 200 agents
- value of existing lease/location
- agent compensation structure
- volume of production
volume of inventory

What we offer in consideration:

- lump-sum or annuity-model asset purchase
- management retention (if applicable)
- best price for your business
- business valuation

If you are interested in a confidential meeting regarding the merger of your brokerage, please contact us at 1-800-913-4110 ext 3 or

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