Housing Score

Exactly what it means.  Much like a credit score, the "Housing Score" on a specific property will indicate the likelihood of the value a home should be based on the market time in which the property should sell.

The higher the Housing Score, the more probable the house will sell for the desired price in the desired time frame.

For example, a seller would like to sell their home in 30 days for $300,000.  Our Housing Score predictive valuation model will generate a score between 300 and 800.  The higher the score, the more likely your house will sell closer to 30 days and at $300,000.

Our model takes into consideration dozens of key points about the specific property, the community, the area market times, area trends, and more.  Should you sell now, in 6 months, or hold on a little longer?  The choice is yours, but our system can help you make a more informed decision which could ultimately help you gain more value.

After we generate your Housing Score, we will provide information on how to improve your score to achieve your desired market time, price, or both to specifically help you maximize your return.

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